Civil Litigation and Collection

When two or more parties become embroiled in a legal dispute seeking money or another specific performance rather than criminal sanctions, civil litigation is the result. They must instead head to the courtroom for trial so a judge or jury can decide the matter. 

Whether it is thorough advocacy in the courtroom or developing settlement strategies, our litigation representation provides valuable guidance toward finding the best solution for even the mots intractable disputes.

Backed by a staff of experts in a wide variety of disciplines, and with access to the latest technologies, we approach litigation with a business mindset to assure a good fit with the client's objectives.

Representing Clients in Civil Litigation and its Alternatives in Columbus and Central Ohio

Are you looking for a trial lawyer in Columbus, Ohio who is cost-effective and results-oriented? Our law firm's civil litigation practice helps individuals and business owners protect their rights and interests when they become embroiled in a lawsuit. With more than twenty-five years of courtroom experience, Tunney knows the winning strategies that can help you successfully resolve disputes at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. His litigation experience helps prepare each case recognizing its potential to go to trial. Fully aware that favorable case results come from detailed and strategic preparation, Tunney conducts an aggressive pretrial discovery with the goal of positioning each case for swift and successful resolution. At all stages, Tunney offers ongoing evaluation of the case and advises clients of their options so they can make informed decisions. 

Tunney represents clients in a variety of civil actions in trials, arbitrations, and mediations. Depending on the case, he serves as either plaintiff counsel or defense counsel. Much of his civil litigation work for clients is performed before administrative agencies, state, federal, and local courts in the Columbus, Franklin County, and central Ohio area.

Alternatives to Costly Litigation

Resolving your civil dispute doesn't always mean fighting it out in court. While Tunney has experience as a trial lawyer and doesn't back down when it comes to protecting his clients' interests, his clients are real people and hardworking business owners, and he understands their need to be mindful of litigation expenses. By working closely with clients, Tunney uses a straight forward approach with closing counsel that can generally obtain a cost-effecitve and successful resolution. When a fair settlement is not possible outside of the court, however, Tunney's experience in court will give you an advantage.