If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or loss, do not delay in seeking legal counsel.  I specialize in the preparation and resolution of cases such as yours and, in my many years of practice, have served hundreds of satisfied clients.

After our first meeting, I will research the facts and the law applicable to your case and then confer further with you.  You can help by following these simple rules:

  • Do not, under any circumstances, discuss your case without first consulting me.  If you are contacted by an insurance adjuster, say nothing.  Simply give him my name and address or telephone number.
  • Tell your doctor about your physical condition and all your complaints.  Your doctor’s records will be complete only if you keep your doctor fully informed.
  • Keep me informed of any change in your physical condition.  In particular, notify me promptly when your doctor completes your treatment.
  • Be sure to send me all receipts, bills and other papers connected with your case.

Insurance companies, even your own, do not pay money willingly.  Once a claim is made, an insurance company will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and may even hire a private investigator to speak with your friends and neighbors in an attempt to learn facts that can be used to the insurance company’s advantage.

Should an insurance company be unwilling to resolve your case to your satisfaction, you may decide to file a lawsuit.  In making this decision, however, you must understand that the current trial docket in our trial courts exceeds two years.  This means that, regardless of the merits of your case and your need for resolution, trial will not be held for at least two years after the lawsuit is filed. 

If you decide to file a lawsuit, I will thoroughly prepare your case for trial.

Feel free to contact me about your case; the more I know about you and your case, the better I can represent you and your family.